dinkus (plural dinkuses - or dinks. adjective dinky): what you call your friend when they are being a nimrod.


  1. "She's being a total dinkus right now."

  2. "You look like such a dink in that picture from junior high."

  3. "Look at this little hat, it's so dinky."

Not to be confused with the word dingus. The word dinkus has multiple uses, conjugations and inflections. Try it and you'll see. Dink, so beautiful, so versatile. Wow. The makes a big difference.


It all started after three women (those three women being us) had several glasses of boxed wine. Boxed wine, not bottled, because two of us are unemployed due to...

**Cardi B voice**

We were down in the dumps. We had snacked and Netflix-ed ourselves silly. Like the rest of the world, we couldn't leave our houses. No one was hiring, and the prospect of taking yet another job at an ad agency resurrecting idiot brands from the proverbial graveyard made us stop for a second and ponder a simple thought...


(We're still on the fence about hiring ourselves so we're technically on probation)

We really did wonder, if we created something that brought US joy, would it bring OTHERS joy as well? And more importantly, could we make any money? Moolah. Dolla bills. Ya know, clams? 

We also happened to be rewatching ALL of Grey's Anatomy, which is why there is an entire collection dedicated to Grey's. 16 seasons and Coronavirus still isn't over...ugh.

We firmly believe, and as a brand we stand by this, that you should buy dumb/ funny things for your friends. And these mugs are both dumb and funny. At least, we think they are. :)

Thanks for shopping by (get it?),

We Three Dinks
* * *